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Start Church - Showing you how to start a church is our passion. Whether you use our step-by-step resources and software, or we do the work, our way of starting churches and ministries takes the vision that God has given you and makes it a reality. We do this by hearing you and following your lead and walking you all the way through 501(c)(3) status. We have assisted over 19,000 churches and ministries.

Nathalie Nelson Parker -  Nathalie's focus is leadership development, innovative programming, diversity and inclusion as well as culturally responsive education. Nathalie has spent years speaking at college programs, conferences, churches and leadership training seminars. She uses the LIT principles; Lead. Innovate. Transform. to help others discover their purpose and design innovative approaches to lead and transform their lives and communities with proven 


Google Ad Grant - Leverage up to $10,000 per month in free Google Search ads to promote and grow your church with the Google Ad Grant

Lily Endowment - They support the causes of community developmenteducation and religion. We afford special emphasis to projects that benefit young people and that strengthen financial self-sufficiency in the charitable sector. They fund significant programs throughout the United States, especially in the field of religion.

Mountain Seed Foundation - The Mustard Seed Foundation is a Christian family foundation established in 1983 under the leadership of Dennis W. Bakke and Eileen Harvey Bakke. The Foundation was created as an expression of their desire to be faithful stewards of the financial resources entrusted to them, to bring together the members of their extended families into common ministry, and to advance the kingdom of God. The Foundation prioritizes grants primarily to churches worldwide that are engaged in ministry including outreach, discipleship, and economic empowerment. The Foundation also awards scholarships to Christians pursuing advanced educational degrees in preparation for leadership roles in society. All directors and staff of the Mustard Seed Foundation are committed followers of Jesus Christ. The Foundation affirms the Lausanne Covenant as its missional commitment to the world.

Rethink Church - #RethinkingChurch is where the practical, academic, and spiritual come to work. We are a community dedicated to thinking, asking questions, and creating solutions. We believe in the liberation of all people - full stop. In that liberation, we break free of the strongholds that prevent us from being all that God has created us to be in service to others.

Bolz Ministries - Bolz Ministries is Bolz Ministries will be prayerfully issuing several $1000 entrepreneurial grants for marketplace professionals to help advance in the kingdom opportunities that are being pursued. We also want to highlight their work to others in our community. We would love to partner with what God is doing through your business! Deadline is April 1, 2021.

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Standing StoneWith our C.A.R.E. & couples retreats, they can be refreshed, strengthened & fully engaged to change the world for Christ.