Updated: Aug 14, 2020

We all know the dangers of hope deferred and at the same time realize that the two requirements for hope are desire and delay. While the desire portion is easy, it is the delay that often trips us up. It’s like salt in our desserts; a little is necessary but too much ruins a dish. I love that Christmas is delayed until December. It is at the end of the year, we take stock to see what we have accomplished and what possibly seems too late to finish. Yet the greatest gift we ever received came at the end when the year is all but given up on. It is often when our hearts are set on the regrets of the past and our sights are set on settling for the future that hope surprises us in the present we are ignoring. Don’t let the lingering of delay destroy your desire. Hope may just be waiting for us to come to the end - the end of our complaining, the end of our substitutes, the end of patience, and the end of ourselves.

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