A Backward Looking Faith

Esther 4

Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

Esther is caught in a hard situation. Her people are about to be slaughtered and if she approaches the king to get help, she risks dying herself for entering his presence without permission. Her uncle hearing her hesitance tells her that maybe she has become queen “for such a time as this”. This is a faith that looks backwards. It’s a faith that looks over one’s life trusting that all things really did work for your good. It’s a faith that says I’ve been through what I’ve been through to make me strong enough to face any challenge. It is a faith that allows you to face a challenge head on, forgive offense, and trust the building blocks of your life no matter how great or tough.

I encourage you to look back over your life with faith. Let faith become the lens with which you evaluate your past and I guarantee that if you trust that God makes no mistakes, then your view can become one that strengthens your present life. You can leave behind regret, disappointment, and find purpose.

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